Performance re-color
Choreographer Park sung-A
Choreographer Currently, member of Jung Dance Company
B.A. in Dance from Silla University
Silver Award, Korean Dance Creation, General Part, the 32nd KBS Concours General Dance
Excellent Work Award, the 20th New Wave Dance Artist Award
Company Founded in 1997, Jung Dance Company has sought after both tradition and creativity of Korean dance. While preserving and succeeding traditions and developing traditional dance repertoire, it has also created original dance languages and sensational messages through various contemporary creative works based on the Korean dance.
Performance The color of parting was deep blue or purple. Its birth was red, and its process of growth was shiny greenish. The time I spent with my loved one was painted in gray. Like this, natural colors which permeated each node of life kept piling up and ended up creating a unique color. Thus, I want to illuminate the path of life by looking at the enchanting layered patterns and the traces that have been washed away.
Time 20min
Music -
Cast Park sung-A, Kim jeong min, Park hyun Jin, Kim hansol
An ji hyun, Kim min kyung, Kim ye jin, Kwon min Ji
Staff -

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