Company Son young il Dance company
Performance Ordinary person
Choreographer Son young il
Choreographer Present CEO, Son Yeongil Dance Company
Won the First Prize, the Best Choreography Award, the Acting Award at the 18 Busan Dance Festival for “Crazy Ants”
Won the First Prize at the 24th Busan Dance Festival for “The Right to Be Forgotten”
Won the Silver Award and the Acting Award at the 24th National Dance Festival for “The Right to Be Forgotten”
Won the Excellent Award at the 13th Busan International Dance Festival AK21 Performance for New International Choreographers for “a Deserted House and Emptiness”
Company Son Yeongil Dance Company is led by Son Yeongil as CEO. It actively engages in in-depth study, performance and creation of contemporary dance. This group aims to achieve qualitative growth and contribute to the development of local arts and culture.
Performance People find themselves locked in a silo. They appear anxious, nervous, and sometimes show a different character. They tend to deny the other character but eventually accept it as their own. The modern society changes fast. The passing days, external changes, and burdens are all merged into the life of a person who must keep switching their modes to make adjustments to fit in society. Feeling restrained and distressed, one has the urge to break out of it but it is often put aside and removed. But this may be the aspect of life that should be positively viewed so that the person is able to navigate through the life to find the true self. This work seeks to depict the humans who are cynical to the modern society and yet try to adapt themselves to society and be in harmony with one another with a pure mind like a child.
Time 20min
Music RaminDjawadi’s and the edited music
Cast Son young il, Kimsihyun, Park yeonjeong, Lee jongyoon, Bang seonghyun, Baejin ah, Jo eunjung
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2018. 6.1(Fri) ~ 6.9(Sat) Haeundae Beach I Movie Hall