Company Look Dance Company
Performance Parang Hospital
Choreographer Lee Look
Choreographer Obtained the bachelor’s degree in dance at Hanyang University
Completed the graduate program of dance at Hanyang University
President and director of Look D.C
Main productions: “Play, the Male Field Play”. “The Reason: Being a Human”, “Irony Game”, etc.
Company LDC started its journey in 2010 by a group of male dancers to create the Korean style contemporary dance. Their productions feature an explosive energy mixed in the subtle, elaborate movements of Korean dance. They wish to present the critical and sarcastic view of the modern society through the modern Korean dance.
Performance The premise is that everyone is hurt. It is the motive for creation, which should not be considered a problem. Rather, it should be embraced by us. In everyday life, you and I exist, and we are who we are. What others see abnormal about us is in fact very normal.
Time 20min
Music Edited music (Suh Huisuk)
Cast Choi Okhun, Song Wonseon, Kim Hyeongmin, Lee Look, KimKimin, Lee Gusung, Lee Junyeop
Staff -

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2018. 6.1(Fri) ~ 6.9(Sat) Haeundae Beach I Movie Hall