Company tatmaroo dance company
Performance Living and dead
Choreographer Kim gyujin
Choreographer Member of Tatmaroo Dance Company
Lecturer, Sejong University
Awarded at 2016 Seoul International Choreography Festival
Won First prize at 2017 International Duo Dance Festival
Company This dance company boasts a long history. Since its foundation in 1980, the company has led the growth of the contemporary dance in Korea by creating more than 300 productions. Its works feature uniqueness by integrating the traditional sentiment of Koreans into the contemporary dance. This company draws great attention from home and abroad to its excellent performance and artistic value.
Performance Humans in society obtain new technologies but lose the old innate qualities.
With the advancement of science technology and civilization, people communicate in more diverse and sophisticated ways. But despite these fancy machines outside, humans are isolated and shrink inside. This production questions the superficial aspect of human society immersed in the material culture. It seeks to restore humanity. This work raises a series of questions regarding the two aspects of life-surviving in the outer world and achieving happiness in the inner world.
Time 20min
Music Track 1: Her OST – Song On The Beach
Track 2: We Lost The Sea – Departure Songs
Cast Lee hyunkyung, Jang rayun, Koeunjung, Kwon daae, Kim gyujin
Staff -

제14회 BIDF

2018. 6.1(Fri) ~ 6.9(Sat) Haeundae Beach I Movie Hall