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Company Busan women's College
Kim Heasoung Dance Company
Performance Korean Fan Dance
Choreographer Kim yeonhee
Choreographer Professor, Busan Women's College
Cultural Heritage Expert of Busan Metropolitan City
Deputy Director of Asia dance Culture Institute, Vice Chairman of One Asia In Dance Festival
Vice-Chairman of Administration Committee, Busan International Dance Festival
Company BWC Kim Heasoung Dance Company was formed by professors, Graduates and students at Busan Women’s College. The Company is an institution to promote the Korean Traditional dance as popular dance among the general public and study for the development of dance education. In particular, the dance company works to obtain a popularization and cultural values by creating works that can be enjoyed by people from young kids to the elderly.
Performance The Korean fan dance is one of the signature art forms of the Korean traditional dance that has developed and thrived through the modernization process of the Korean traditional dance. dynamic moves of the dancers signify harmony of Yin and Yang in gently curving lines. The unique artistic techinques of the Korean Fan dance express deep emotional feelings of Koreans. Wearing colorful costume, dancers display a beauty of perfect harmony.
Time 5min 30 seconds
Music The Ballad of Changbu
Cast Kim sun young, Kim min ji, Lee yujin, Jin ho sook, Lee eunkyung, Jo hyojin, Lee su min, Jo eun bi, Kim bora, Kim da hui, Heoyujeong, Lee eungyeol, Lee so hyeon, Lee junyeong, Ham dahye
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