Open Dance Stage


Company Grand Ballet
Performance Life
Choreographer Kim yeonhee
Choreographer Kim yeonhee
Arts and Culture Education Institute
1th Korea youth ballet competition gold prize
30th KBS Busan Dance competition Silver Prize
Company Grand Ballet
This Busan-based group was formed in 1991 with ballet majors with a view to building a distinctive local character by promoting and popularizing the dance of the locality and overcoming the closed culture in schools and companies of the dance arena. Through regular performances and various dance events, the group seeks to create an experimental and creative ballet, the ultimate goal of the group.
Performance To live
Walking together
Time 8min
Music -
Cast Kim yeonhee, Joo da som, Kim sujin, Lee nagyum, Kim min joo.
Staff -

제14회 BIDF

2018. 6.1(Fri) ~ 6.9(Sat) Haeundae Beach I Movie Hall