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Company (Corporate Juridical Person) Iltong-Gobeob Preservation Society Busan Regional Association
Performance Modeumbukconcret 'Saeullim'
Choreographer Shin Munbeom
Choreographer A certified trainee of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 1 Royal ancestral rites music
A certified trainee of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 5 Pansori Percussion accompaniment
Co-CEO, “Taro” Korean Classical Music Company
President of Busan Office of the Iltong Society of Preservation of Classical Drumming.
-Professor, Korean Music major, Busan Arts College
Company Iltong is the style name of master drummer Kim Cheongman, the general director of the Iltong Society of Classical Drumming Preservation. It means to communicate with the world through the drum music.
This society is a research institute that studies the rhythms of all Korean classical music genres including Pansori drumming. It aims to promote the traditional drum music of Korea to the world and contribute to the development of the traditional arts through overseas cultural exchange programs.

The name Modumbuk represents a collection of different drums with different keys. The grandeur and passion can be found in the constantly changing rhythms throughout the splendid performance by the drum ensemble.

Time 10min
Music -
Cast Lee Gyeonghui, Kwon Dusol, Lee Hyeonseo,
Lee Chungin, Kim Seonghwan
Staff -

제14회 BIDF

2018. 6.1(Fri) ~ 6.9(Sat) Haeundae Beach I Movie Hall