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Company PROJECT Cloud Nine
Performance Combination 2
Choreographer Kim Sung Min
Choreographer Kim Sung-min, who is recognized as the next-generation ballet choreographer in Korea, has received much acclaim as a work that combines popularity and artistry with active activity in Seoul now. He is making efforts to communicate with audiences
Company A contemporary ballet organization founded in May 2017 as a project type.It is made up of dancers from European ballet companies and highly skilled dancers who have accumulated a lot of experience in domestic professional ballet companies. I was recognized for its artistry by publishing many works
Performance - Overture: Strong and grand.
There is a melody that tells the beginning on a silence stage.
- 1 movement: Moderato
Scale One single action. The movement also changes and develops according to the melody that the musical scale is transformed and the middle and the short flowing.
- 2 Movement: Allegro
Strongly flowing melodies. In the fast flow of music, movement moves up and down
- 3 Movement : Adagio
2 The smooth and beautiful melody flows as if resting for a moment in the atmosphere opposite to the movement, and the duet of the man and woman proceeds according to the melody.
- 4 Movements: Moderato
It seems like one movement, but movement to another tune is obviously being reversed. The music and the action generate more and more explosive energy as time goes by and finish in a moment.
Time 12min
Music Combination 2
Cast Lee Yun Ji, Kim Ye Ji, Choi Hee Jae, Jeon Na Rae, Woo Man Je, Bekmuratov Salamat ,Kim Sung Min
Staff Production: Hwang Gyu Ja
Composition: Bae Na Gyeong
Costume: Art Cloud Nine

제14회 BIDF

2018. 6.1(Fri) ~ 6.9(Sat) Haeundae Beach I Movie Hall