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Performance 2018 The River of Poest 「Festival」
Choreographer Kim Sung Min
Choreographer - Professor, Department of Dance, college of Music and Performing Art,
Keimyung university
- Practitioner, Important Intangible Cultural Heritage of Korea, No 27,
Seungmu(Monk’s Dance)
- Practitioner, Intangible Cultural Heritage of Daegu, No 9,Salpuri(Exorcism)
- Director, Daegu Branch, Dace Association of Korea
Company The Chang Yoo Kyung Dance Company makes an attempt to integrate the Korean traditional dance into publish sentiment. These efforts allowed the company to be honored with many awards and prizes(1993 daegu Dance Festival, 1993 Korean dance Festival, 1994 Seoul dance Festival, 2010 PAF-The Performing Arts & Film Review, Korean dance Association Awards, Korean dance Critiques Association Awards, 32th Deagu Cultural Awards 2012 and 20th Korean Art of dance Awards). The renowned Company continues to create and present very much Korean performance, especially in city of Daegu.
Also, it exerts its best efforts to celebrate Korean traditional dance at both home and abroad.

The river is a poet.
The river is also a mother.
And the river is the age and history.

I sit in the estuary
I write a long poem about tomorrow.

Time 15min
Music In the river of the poet
Cast Kim, Youngchul/ Peun, Bonghwa/ Lim, Chayoung/ Kim, Hyuntae/
Seo, Sangjae/Park, Minwoo/ Kang, Junghwan/ Lee, Sunin/
Lee, Mijin/ Park, Kyunghee/ Choi, Jaeho/ Kang, Junwon/ Kim, Jihyun/ Park, Goyeun/ Chun, Girang/ Keun, Jihun
Staff -

제14회 BIDF

2018. 6.1(Fri) ~ 6.9(Sat) Haeundae Beach I Movie Hall