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Company Chae Hyang Soon Chung-Ang Dance Company
Performance Sadanggaksi
Choreographer Chae Hyang Soon
Choreographer ˚A professor at the Chung-Ang University, College of Arts
˚A chairman at King Sejong the Memorial Korea Traditional Performing Art Committee
˚Student of Important Intangible Cultural Property
No.20,Salpulichum / No.27,Seungmu / No.97,Salpulichum
˚Received a president award at the Korea Dance Competition in 2013
˚Received a president award at the No.22 Traditional Performing Arts contest
˚Received a grand prize on Korean Traditional Music and Dance Category in 2013
Company Chae Hyang Soon chung-ang Dance Company is a favorably noticed organization that keeps pace with the global cultural trends as a messenger to inform our culture to the world by making and reconstituting art works and performances that symbolize the essence of national spirit and cover the essence of tradition —song(Ga), dance(Mu) and music(Ak) — based on the tradition and the creativeness.

The work ' Sadanggaksi ' is a work of dramatic dance, which won the Presidential Prize for the 2013 Korean Dance Award and describes the strange journey of the Namsadangpae, which kept the stubble of our traditional performance and desperate spirit for art while they have been wandering through the years of hardship and persecution like duckweed.
The ardent and tearful love story of ‘the Sadanggaksi ‘ Yeon-Yi and the fugitive Dowoo are completed and sublimated by the creative dance of the tangible symbolic composition and are mixed with a six-threaded manner, which are puppet show, U-rem, Deotboegi, Pungmul, Buna and Salpan.

Time 15min
Music -
Cast Jeon Do Hyun, Kim Gun, Yoo Hyun Sang, Jang Dong Ho, Kim Ha Neuli, Park Hyeon Jun, Lee Jung Je, Jung Ha Jin, Park Cha Eun, Kim Dong Min, Jegal Su Bin, Yoo In Hwa, Park Soo Jung, Ji Da Young, Cho So Young, Suyl Yu Jin, Park Chae Yeon, Jung Yu Jeong, Kim Yi Hyun, Hong Hyo Joo, Yoon Na Ra
Staff -

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