Local Invitation


Company Laboratory Dance Project
Performance MOB
Choreographer Dong-kyu Kim
Choreographer Dong-kyu Kim is a choreographer who provides audiences with attractions of contemporary dance as well as presenting flexible and natural patterns of movement and artistic balance with the abundant technique. His chief strength is the possibility about expanded domain as overcoming the limitations of a fossilized frame.
Company LDP established in 2001, has continued to improve the quality of performing arts and break down the barrier between the stage and the audience. It boasts a high seat occupancy and is called the idol of contemporary dance scene, which is unusual as a dance company.
Performance Nur tote Fische schwimmen mit dem Strom… ( German proverb )
People in the crowd who lose their consciousness hide themselves in obscurity, and exaggerate and simplify what they want to see and declare their freedom from responsibility.
The process by which individuals are born into the crowd, and the process of instigating individuals into the crowd, is exciting, fearsome, and routine. There is a sense of cohesive unity and intimacy on the back of the intolerance and cruelty to others.
MOB closely focuses on the two aspects of humanity, observing in detail the two subjects of human being and the individual in society.
Time 20min
Music -
Cast Won-ho Jang, Sung-hyun Kim, Jeong-min Lee, Hyuk Kang,
Na-ra Yoon, Gun Jung, Ji-ho Jang, Seung-wook Song, Ha-neul Jung
Staff -

제14회 BIDF

2018. 6.1(Fri) ~ 6.9(Sat) Haeundae Beach I Movie Hall