Foreign Invitation


Performance 1.《 JumpingKuixing》(跳魁星)
2.《The Spring of She Nationality》(畲山春)
Choreographer Na Li(李娜)
Choreographer Na Li, the professor of dance major from Zhejiang Normal University.
Her works won the highest prize in Chinese Dance circles—lotus prize,
and continuously won the first prize in the National College Student Art Exhibition, meanwhile were funded by the National Endowment for the Arts.
Company Institute of Yangtze River Delta Intangible Cultural Heritage Studies
is a non-profit organization
approved by the government department of Zhejiang Province, China.
The Institute aims to preserve intangible cultural heritage
in Zhejiang province as well as Yangtze Delta Region
by providing such services as research projects, academic conferences and communications, performances, exhibition, education etc.
Performance 1.《JumpingKuixing》:In Chinese mythology,Kuixing is a god who
governs articles.People selected by him can be the first in the imperial examinations. Itis a traditional mask dance in central Zhejiang Province that
expresses blessings by playing Kuixing.
2.《The Spring of She Nationality》depictsthescene of a group of girls
picking tea in early spring. It express people joy of harvest and love of a better life.
Time 5 minutes and 42 seconds, 5 minutes and 30 seconds
Music 1.《Kuixing Jump》
2.《The Spring of She Nationality》
Cast Xi Zhu; YutingQiu; Anli Chen; Wu Jin; LiJun Du; BaohuiFeng; Tianzhi Ding; TingtingLuo; Miaohong Huang; ShaohuaGe; XialiZheng; Xinmin Xiao.
Staff Junhua Chen, Jingyi Wang

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