Foreign Invitation


Company Gil Kerer Dance Company
Performance Nice To Beat You , Between Us
Choreographer Gil Kerer
Choreographer Kerer is an independent dancer and choreographer based in Tel Aviv.
Born in 1987, Gil has been dancing since the age of 14. Prof. work including dancing in the Kibbutz Dance Company, Vertigo and with numerous independent choreographers. As choreographer, Gil has created several award winning pieces.
Performance Between Us
The piece attempts to address the common theme of power struggles within
relationships and searches for new ways to experience and think about desire andwill. Attempting to be brave enough and put defenses aside, the piece looks for waysin which we can be genuine, vulnerable and naked, and dare to communicate it. Tolet ourselves see and be seen; to desire and be desired; and look for what mayhappen if we do manage, even if for a brief moment, to put some restraints aside.Ultimately, Between Us is about intimacy, and about the journey longing for it(intimacy) takes us on.
Nice To Beat You
This ​​​​duet​​​​ offers​​​​ a ​​​​passionate ​​​​en counter​​​​ between ​​​​a​​​​man​​​​and​​​​woman. The​​​​relationship​​​​ between ​​​​the​​​​ two ​​​​is ​​​​intense​​​​ and​​​​ chaotic,​​​​but​​​​ within ​​​​it​​​​ possible ​​​​also to​​​​find​​​​comfort. Pain,​​​​desire ​​​​and ​​​​elegance​​ ​​are ​​​​intertwined​ ​​​and ​​​​re-establish ​​​​the​​​​power​​​​struggle balance.
Time 12Min, 18 min
Music Marianne Faithfull "No Child Of Mine" ( between Us )
Composer: OriAvni
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Specialist ( Nice To Beat You )
Cast Gil Kerer&Margarida Macieira
Staff Costume/ Len Boukhman ( Between Us )
Content Developer: AnatCederbaum
Lighting:​​​Yoav​​Barel( Nice to Beat You )
Created by Gil Kerer& , KorinaFraiman
Performed by> Gil Kerer, Margarida Macieira

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