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Company Maya Dance Theatre
Performance 1. ANWESHA-Beyond the darkness! (Excerpt)
2. PANCHA-When the flames blaze the caged body I surrender my soul, I Am … (Excerpt)
Choreographer ANWESHA-Kavitha Krishnan, DanangPamungkas (Indonesia) and ShahrinJohry
PANCHA-Kavitha Krishnan, Esme Boyce (USA), NirmalaSeshadri
Choreographer Theatre Ltd and she has created and staged many productions locally and internationally with the company. She also represented Singapore for the ASEAN-COCI (Community on Culture & Information) project, REALIZING Rama, for 04 years.
ShahrinJohry (Singapore)
Shahrin is a founding member, assistant choreographer and principal dancer at Maya Dance Theatre (MDT). He was awarded ‘Best Choreography’ for Sprouts All Star, organised by NAC and Frontier Danceland. Shahrin produced a full-length work, ‘KA’ in 2015 and has presented his works at international festivals held in Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia.
DanangPamungkas (Indonesia)
Danang from Solo, Indonesia has worked with the Artistic Director of Cloud Gate Dance Company, Lin Hwai Min(2008 – 2011). He is a sought after dancer and choreographer and works with several international independent artist and dance companies internationally.
Esme Boyce (USA)
Esmé Boyce is a choreographer, director, and dancer based in Brookly,New York. She focuses primarily on creating interdisciplinary pieces. Esmé has presented work at 92nd Street Y, Dixon Place, Lincoln Center, The Dogwood Performing Arts Center in Michigan, Brooklyn Academy ofMusic, Judson Church, Baryshnikov Arts Center, Center for PerformanceResearch and La MaMa. 
NirmalaSeshadri (Singapore)
NirmalaSeshadri is a multidisciplinary artist, choreographer, movement educator, researcher and writer. A recipient of various awards including the National Arts Council’s Young Artist Award (Singapore), SingarMani(Mumbai) and Balasaraswati Endowment Award. She is the founder & artistic director of N Dance & Yoga. 
Company Maya Dance Theatre is a dance theatre company based in Singapore
Maya’s distinctive expression of Asian contenporray dance language is grounded in the visceral nature of human spirit addressing arts and social justice.The choreography embodies the contemporary space through inter-disciplinary dance theatre and inter-culturalism, keeping Maya’s space fluid, and discoveries fresh and thought provoking.
Performance 1. ANWESHA-Beyond the darkness! (Excerpt)
Artistic directed by Kavitha Krishnan, Anwesha-Beyond the darkness!
mirrors the struggles of those caught within the web  of our fast paced society and its intangible demands which result in a state of reduced mental wellness.”Findng the light through the challenges of darkness becomes an unsettling journey!
Dramaturg-Jeremiah Choy
Music.: RahayuSuppangah, &Kailin Yong with vocals,PeniCandrarini ,and Noelle Yan, Alex Dea as collaborators.
PANCHA-When the flames blaze the caged body I surrender my soul, I Am … (Excerpt)
When the flames blaze the caged body, I surrender my soul, I Am … is the story of two women - Joan of Arc, a french Saint &Sita from Ramayana, who faced fire bravely. It is a story about persistence and resilience through the face of patricachy. .
Concept choreography and artistic direction: Kavitha Krishnan
Choreographers: Esme Boyce, NirmalaSeshadri&Kavitha Krishnan
Dramaturg: NirmalaSeshadri
Music: PeniCandrarini
Time 15min , 15min
Music 1. ANWESHA-Original composition
2. PANCHA-Original Composition
Cast ShahrinJohry, Bernice Lee, Eva Tey, Subastian Tan, Kailin Yong (Musician)
Staff Technical/ Tour Manager: Imran Manaff
Stage Manager: ShaifulRisan
Artistic Director- Kavitha Krishnan
Lights: Alberta Wileo

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