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Company Con.Cor.D.A./Movimentoinactor Teatrodanza
Performance Wonderful Alice
Choreographer FlaviaBucciero

Flavia Bucciero is a dancer, choreographer, artistic director of the Company Movimentoinactor/Con.Cor.D.A. (since 1987) and of the Festival “NavigArte”.
She was a student of Etienne Decroux, Christian Trouillas (dancer in the Tanztheater of Pina Bausch), KoMuroboushi, Maria Fux, Lilia Bertelli, etc… She had made about 70 choreographies in theatres and festivals in Italy and abroad.

Company Con.Cor.D.A./MovimentoinactorTeatrodanza was begun in 1987 in Pisa, founded by FlaviaBucciero. The company carries out an intense activity of production
and performances in Italy and abroad, for adult audience as well as children and young people. It is supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture, Region of Tuscany and City of Pisa. Among the main productions we remember: “Pina… why not Naples?”, “The Legend of Colafish”, “The Prince and the Rose”, “Passionately Dancing”, “I clear, you dark”…
Performance Alice (and us with her) crosses the blurred confine of reality to chase The Rabbit, The Mad Hatter, to talk to Humpty Dumpty or fight with The Red Queen. The symbols, of complex meaning, become simple and easily accessible to all. Space and time are changed to infinity, the language is revealed for what it is: an arbitrary convention that can crumble at any moment. A universe in constant metamorphosis, such as dance, which becomes, here, a privileged way to go beyond the confine of reality.
Time 15min
Music Poulenc Francis "Le Bal Masqué"
Poulenc Francis "Rapsodie Negre"
Mazzone Vincenzo "Ping Pong"
Sanna-Ricci "L’urlo del pipistrello"
Sanna-Ricci "Ammicco a Testina"
Cast Sabrina Davini, Laura Feresin,Giuseppe Bencivenga e Flavia Bucciero
Staff Technical manager and light designer: Riccardo Tonelli

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